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Anniversary Calculator

Introducing the Anniversary Calculator! This handy webpage allows you to effortlessly calculate and keep track of your significant dates. Simply input the dates of those important days you cherish and never want to forget. The calculator will then work its magic, providing you with precise dates for various anniversaries and revealing how many days remain until each celebration from today. It’s the ultimate tool for planning and organizing your anniversary festivities. Whether you’re commemorating the day you met, your first date, your relationship, your wedding, or any other annual milestone, this calculator is tailored to suit your needs perfectly.

Anniversary Calculator

List of Future Anniversaries

List of Past Anniversaries


Anniversary Calculator

How to Use the Anniversary Calculator?

Using this anniversary calculator is very easy. Just enter the dates of your important days and click “Calculate”. It will automatically and accurately calculate the specific dates of various future anniversaries and how long they are from today. If some anniversaries have already passed, they will be listed in a separate section.

The calculator offers three types of anniversaries: those calculated in days, seconds, and years.

If you want to calculate how many years are equivalent to 100,000,000 seconds, you can use our time unit converter.

Free Online Anniversary Calculator

Wedding Anniversary Names

Wedding anniversary is the day that commemorates the anniversary of a couple’s marriage, celebrated on the same day each year. In modern times, many people commemorate their wedding anniversaries with specific items that symbolize the anniversary year, such as the silver anniversary for the 25th year and the golden anniversary for the 50th year.

Different countries have different traditions and naming methods. Here are some commonly used naming methods:

YearAnniversary Name
1stPaper Anniversary
2ndCotton Anniversary
3rdLeather Anniversary
4thFruit Anniversary or Flower Anniversary
5thWood Anniversary
6thIron Anniversary or Sugar Anniversary
7thCopper Anniversary
8thBronze Anniversary
9thPottery Anniversary or Willow Anniversary
10thTin Anniversary
11thSteel Anniversary
12thSilk Anniversary
13thLace Anniversary
14thIvory Anniversary
15thCrystal Anniversary
20thChina Anniversary
25thSilver Anniversary
30thPearl Anniversary
35thCoral Anniversary
40thRuby Anniversary
45thSapphire Anniversary
50thGold Anniversary
55thEmerald Anniversary
60thDiamond Anniversary
65thBlue Sapphire Anniversary
70thPlatinum Anniversary
80thOak Anniversary

Please note that these are just some common examples, and there may be variations or additional names based on cultural or personal preferences.

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