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Dog Age Calculator

Welcome to the Dog Age vs Human Age Calculator! Have you ever wondered how old your furry friend is in human years? Our interactive webpage is designed to help you estimate your dog’s approximate age in comparison to humans, providing valuable insights into their overall health and well-being.

Dog Age Calculator

Current age of your dog:

Equivalent age in human years:

Dog SizeHuman Age
Small Dog
(20 pounds or less)
Medium Dog
(21-50 pounds)
Large Dog
(51-100 pounds)
Giant Dog
(100 pounds or more)
Using the 2019 dog age
calculation algorithm

Human Age = 16 x ln(Dog Age) + 31

Dog Age Calculator (Dog Age vs Human Age)

Comparing Dog Age to Human Age

You might have heard that one dog year equals seven human years. For example, if a dog is one year old, it’s like a fifteen-year-old human, and if it’s ten years old, it’s like a seventy-year-old human. But, the truth is more interesting.
According to American Veterinary Medical Association:

  • When a dog turns one year old, it’s not just seven human years old. In reality, it’s more like a fifteen-year-old human. Dogs grow much faster in their first year, achieving what takes humans fifteen years.
  • In the second year, a dog is like a nine-year-old human.
  • The aging process slows down a bit after the first two years. Now, each dog year is more like four to five human years.

The size and breed of a dog also matter. Smaller dogs tend to live longer, and ten years is considered old age for them. But they mature faster in their early years. On the other hand, larger dogs grow slower initially, and by around five years old, they are middle-aged.

How old is your dog?

How to use this Dog Age Calculator?

Using this Dog Age vs Human Age Calculator is very simple. Just enter your dog’s current age, and the calculator will estimate their equivalent age in human years. This estimation is based on the average aging patterns of dogs, taking into consideration factors such as breed and size.

Dog Age Calculator: Calculate the Equivalent Age in Human Year

Dog Age vs Human Age Conversion Table

To help you visualize the age conversion, we have provided a comprehensive table showcasing the approximate age equivalence between dogs and humans based on different breeds and sizes. This table serves as a handy reference for understanding your dog’s stage of life and aids in making informed decisions regarding their care.

Dog Breed or SizeSmall Dog
(20 pounds or less)
Medium Dog
(21-50 pounds)
Large Dog
(51-100 pounds)
Giant Dog
(100 pounds or more)
Dog AgeHuman Age
1 year15 years15 years15 years12 years
2 years24 years24 years24 years22 years
3 years28 years28 years28 years31 years
4 years32 years32 years32 years38 years
5 years36 years36 years36 years45 years
6 years40 years42 years45 years49 years
7 years44 years47 years50 years56 years
8 years48 years51 years55 years64 years
9 years52 years56 years61 years71 years
10 years56 years60 years66 years79 years
11 years60 years65 years72 years86 years
12 years64 years69 years77 years93 years
13 years68 years74 years82 years100 years
14 years72 years78 years88 years107 years
15 years76 years83 years93 years114 years
16 years80 years87 years99 years121 years

As an example, a 15-year-old medium-sized dog would be approximately equivalent to an 83-year-old human.

Why are there different versions of age conversion tables online?

In reality, there is no absolute and accurate conversion table for the age of animals compared to humans. Even among people of the same age, their physical conditions can vary greatly. Similarly, dogs of the same age and breed can have different physical conditions. Furthermore, with medical advancements and improved diets, both humans and pets are living longer, and the average lifespan of both humans and pets is increasing. Therefore, online age conversion tables can only serve as a reference.

2019 Dog Age Calculation Algorithm

In 2019, researchers at the University of California San Diego conducted a study on the epigenetic clock, proposing a new method to calculate a dog’s age. This method takes into account the changes in the DNA of dogs and humans over time.

In simple terms, the study resulted in a new algorithm that involves taking the natural logarithm of the dog’s age, multiplying it by 16, and then adding 31 to obtain the age relative to humans.

Human Age = 16 x ln(Dog Age) + 31

This new calculation method also reflects the characteristic of dogs maturing faster in the early years and then slowing down in aging, making it more scientifically accurate than the “one dog year equals seven human years” rule of thumb.

It’s worth noting that this study only focused on one breed of dog, so this formula may not be suitable for every dog.

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